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恭喜! 你刚刚迈出了改观生活的首先步!

I’m going to share with you the techniques I used to legally turn 2000
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  1. Simple guide to profit from trading cryptocurrency


  1. Automated cryptocurrency trading software that works

自动化的加密货币交易软件, 工作着的。

Section 1-

Simple guide to profit from trading cryptocurrency

Let’s get right down to it. Trading to me is super fascinating. I was
never one to trade stocks or Forex or anything like that.
大家来吗。 交易对自身来说,是一件尤其梦幻的事情。

Trading is exciting. You need to be proactive. You need to go out and
get it. And by it I am referring to money.
贸易是令人兴奋的业务。 你供给积极主动。 你供给外出并且取得它。

We all know Crypto right now is hot. There is no doubt. Not too long
they were chasing an old man OJ simpson style down
the freeway in L.A. thinking he is the creator of Bitcoin. It is
messed up. It is like the wild wild west out there and I am not
分明, 加密货币今后非常的红。 那里没有猜疑。不久事先,
他们在阿姆斯特丹的高速路上赶上2个叫OJ Simpson的长辈,
认为她正是比特币的创建者。 那是搞的一团不好。 那就好像沙暴战警在那里那样。

What I am dead serious about however is that money / currency /
coins are moving around like crazy. The pie right now is worth
over 10 billion. Each day people are getting a piece of that. Some
more than others.
那种货币今后的提升,像疯了相同。 这么些馅儿饼现在价值 超越100亿。
每一天人们从中拿掉一部分。 有个别人得到的比其外人多。

Your goal is to get you to be on the winning side. The positive side.
There is much debate as to what strategy is the best to get coins.
Should I mine? Should I trade? Should I hold my coins and hope
they go up in value?
你的指标正是站在赢的一派。 积极的一派。

What do you do?

There is something to be said about all of those methods. For me,
right now the money is in trading.
持有的那些方法都有局地要说的。 对自家来说,今后那笔钱在贸易中。

Why? The reason is I control my profit. It is as simple as that. No
one else but me. It does not matter to me what coin it is. I am
indifferent. Sure everyone has thoughts as to what coins they
think will be the top coins years from now. But my game and your
game should not be years from now. It should be the here and
怎么? 原因是我说了算小编的净利润。
当然, 各个人都有今后自个儿独具的加密钱币以后会成为一流货币。
但是本身的和你的游玩不是事后。 供给此地、此刻。

So let’s get into the details. The fact is you have to start with some
amount of coin. You can buy a small amount of bitcoin to get started.
You don’t need much- even a couple of hundred dollars will do to start
you off in the game.
让大家询问一下细节呢。 事实是您须求用一些加密货币开始(交易)。
你要求买一点比特币来开端交易。 你不需求太多的钱。

I love being able to make hundreds or thousands a day in the
comfort of my own home. I come on when I want and come off
when I want. I make my own schedule. It is freeing.
笔者喜爱一天挣几百依旧几千在本人痛快的家里。 笔者尽兴而来,知足而归。
作者自身规划本身自个儿的时刻表。 那是随意的。

Here is how it is done.

1st you need to sign up for exchanges.
My favorite two right now are bittrex.com and c-cex.com.
There are others, and I for the most part am indifferent as to what
portal I am using. Each site has a standard sign up / registration.
You will notice that the interfaces are very similar. They list the
coins that can be traded. You can send coins to the addresses and
out of the addresses.
率先步你需求注册。 笔者现在最喜爱的是bittrex.com 和
每一种页面都有标注的挂号窗口。 你会发觉那一个注册界面会万分相像。
它们列出了能够交易的货币。 你能够把币发到这么些地方,并且从那么些地点提币。

Here is how I keep up to date on the coins and what exchanges
they are on. I go to
coinigy.com and

It will show the currencies and markets that they are on. At least
the currencies that this site lists. For me I only deal with the
currencies on this site. All of the major ones are on there.
Click on the “markets” link in the upper right hand corner.
You see coins and the exchanges they are listed on. It is important
that you know that for one of the strategies I will mention in a
那里会来得数字货币和它们所在的商海。 那个页面列出了至少的货币。
点击右上角的“市集”链接。 你能够看到货币和它们交易的剧情。

I look at this site every day. I don’t necessarily study it but I look
for movement.
本人每一日都会看那几个网页。 小编不自然要研商,可是会看一会儿。

I do sort the volume column to see what volume of coins are
being traded. I don’t really deal with coins with less than 50
thousand in volume. I was burned once where I traded for coin
and then all of a sudden there was no one there to trade with me.
No use getting coins if no one is willing to trade with you.
小编不会真的交易怎么交易量小于 伍仟0比索的钱币。小编有3次亏损,当自个儿交易货币的时候,忽然没有人原因和本人交易了。

You may say it is good to get into trading a coin when it is new but
for me I don’t trade unless I know there are traders. The more
volume I see the more I am interested.

But part of the game to me is about looking for major spikes. I
don’t look at the forums on bitcointalk.org that much for example
and see what people are saying / speculating on coins. I let the
volume tell me which way to go.

So for example to tell you extremely recent trades that I dealt
with. As I stated every day I look at the list on coin market cap. All
of a sudden seemingly out of the blue last week I see Lisk
and Dubaicoin climb the rankings in the market capitalization and
volume. I didn’t know why and I didn’t care. What that told me is
that for some reason people were jumping on it. So I jumped on it.
I come in when the tide is rising big time.
自身以近日二回的贸易,解释一下作者的贸易策略。 每日作者都会翻动 coin market
capitalization上市, 而且成交量也在上涨。
那告诉本身的就是因为部分缘故有人在炒这么些币。 因而作者也参预到那个队列。

So here is what I did. I went to the markets tab as I stated earlier
and found where these coins were being traded. I am already
signed up for the exchanges so it is no big deal to jump in. It takes
about 2 minutes to sign up so it is no problem for you.

I don’t care about these coins at all and I am not promoting them.
Just telling you what I specifically did last week. I have no idea
where these coins will be tomorrow let alone next year.

I don’t care. Neither should you when it comes to trading. It is all
about the here and now.
自身不在乎。 当你参预交易的时候,也应该这样做。

So for Dubaicoin for example (DBIC) I saw they were on c-cex.com

I saw the trade volume as I told you was hot on coinmarketcap. So
people were trading like crazy.
自身看到在 coinmarketcap上贸易火热。 所以人们在很疯狂的交易它。

I log in to c-cex . Again these sites are similar in nature. Once
you sign up for a few you realize they are very similar. They show
you the coins you can trade. In c-cex that is on the top of the screen
where it says markets scrolled down to find DBIC. Most coins out there
can be traded for bitcoin or litecoin.
笔者报到进入c-cex. 那里的页面又再一次像别的页面。

To get coins into the particular exchange you will go to the
balances tab. In each respective exchange they will let you click on
a button to create an address. You click on deposit and generate
an address. That is the address you deposit coins into it and then
withdraw out of it.
你点击 存款按钮并且发生贰个新的地点。 这几个地点用来存币和取币。

So for this case study I started with some bitcoin. I had a balance
already. If you have your respective coin in your wallet or
exchange you will send it to the respective address of this or any
exchange to begin trading.
在那几个例子中我们用有个别比特币起始。 小编早已在账户上有比特币。

So I decided on this particular day I was going to trade DBIC for
为此, 我认为在这一个一定的光景里交易北京币和比特币。

Ok so what did I do? How did I guarantee success? So I know
from my quick research that DBIC on that particular day was hot.
The value was up 60% in 24 hours per coinmarketcap.com and I
saw it jump in value. Those were my two indicators to jump in. I
know that coins are going to go up and down in value every day.
自己要做些什么吧? 小编什么做才能担保成功吧?

But when it is hot the trend is up. The trend is your friend
especially when on the up swing. I only make that determination
on a given single day.
而是当交易火热的时候, 趋势是向上的。

So I casually go the trading section. I am trading in and out of
coins all day long. I have a huge balance at one point in a given
coin then I transfer it to another coin or to a given exchange. It is
not about holding. For brevity I am focusing on the two coins for
that given day. DBIC and LSK.
那和持币无关。 简短的说,

So when you trade there are buy and sell orders. They are moving
fast because it is hot. 2 huge mistakes that can be made that are
easily worth way more than the price of this course to not
reproduce. Only dumbasses make these rookie mistakes. And
guess who is one of those dumbasses. Me! That is why I am telling
you about it.
具备当您交易时,那里有购买和卖出的挂单。 它们活动的急速原因是交易火热。
有二个错误会爆发。 唯有蠢货才能犯那种新手错误。
然后猜一猜什么人是木头中的一员。 作者。 这就是自身何以告诉您的来由。

Newbie mistake number one

When you look at the buy and sell it shows you the last given buy
or sell. That doesn’t mean squat. You may think that you HAVE to
buy or sell the coin for this value. You DO NOT. You decide the
value. You need to make an informed decision as to what to buy
and sell for. The last jackasses buy or sell doesn’t mean they knew
what they were doing.
当您看到这几个买单和卖单的时候, 这展现你是最终一个购得或卖出。
那并不意味者你蹲着。 你可能会想, 你必供给用那么些价值购买销售那种币。

So what you do is look at the buy and sell orders. Here is what I
saw at one point. (Remember this is happening constantly so you
are potentially making transactions every minute if you want to).
据此你需求做的是去看购销的挂单。 那正是自个儿看出的有个别。
(记住那是日常发生的,由此假如您原因,你能够每分钟都做交易。 )

It told me the last buy and last sell was for 0.00002012 worth of
bitcoin for a DBIC coin. Ok now the rookie would either buy or sell
at that amount.

But the sell and buy orders. They are both lower than the
given rate. If you buy for higher you are putting yourself at a
disadvantage when you could buy for less. That is a huge
takeaway. A person somewhere in the world was selling at 0.00002 but
someone is buying at 0.0000203. Someone at that time was
willing to buy for more than the sell. So what did I do? (Hundreds
of times now) I bought at 0.00002 and sold at 0.000023. I gave
the seller what they wanted and gave the buyer what they wanted
at that time. No loss for me. In fact I only bought the amount of
coin that was being sold that would fulfill what the buyer wanted.
In the end I made a profit and my bitcoin went up. It was / is as
simple as that! That should be a mind blower right there.
然而购销的贸易指令。 它们都自愧不如一定的汇率。
在当时, 小编给了买家和专营商都想要的。 作者一直不损失。
最后,笔者赚钱了,作者的比特币资产价值上涨。 就这样不难!

Now when you don’t see that situation you don’t have to do
anything. When things are hot you see this more. You do this over
and over and over again. Genius.
当你意识交易火热的时候,你能够另行那种办法。 天才。

The second mistake that I was going to mention. This is a fast
paced game and you are making trades quickly. BUT… you must
be careful. Especially with these newer coins they are worth a lot
less than the bitcoin. So we are seeing multiple zeros. If you screw
up and put one zero more or one zero less you are trying to buy 10
times more than the given rate (you get raped on the deal) or you
sell for 10 times less than the value. (Another rape). And believe
me people aren’t going to say oh look at that person that made
that rookie mistake. I hope they cancel that order. No. They are
going to pounce on that like a hawk. So be careful with the zeros. I
lost a lot of money one time screwing this up.
其次个自作者就要提及的荒唐。 那是二个快节奏的游乐并且你的贸易速度非常的慢。
由此,大家会合到不少的0. 借使你多了多个0依然少了三个0买入恐怕是卖出。
相信小编,没有人会说,看哪, 有人犯了1个新手错误。
小编盼望她们力所能及废除订单。 不。 他们像猎鹰一样俯冲下去。 因而,
一定要专注0. 笔者有次便是这么搞砸的,丧失了一大笔前。

Sometimes on a trade I was making 1 percent. Sometimes with a
lot of coins 1 bitcoin worth ($550 approximately) or a lot less.
Sometimes I was making 15% on a trade. It all adds up. Just keep

那个都加到一起。 只是保持交易。

It tends to come in waves. You can feel it. When you start looking
at these buys and sells for a bit you start to see the waves coming
on. Yes some will have a higher or lower buy and sell price
respectively. But you will see all of a sudden that people are
pushing that price up. Then all of a sudden they are pushing the
price down. I get in heavy when the price goes up for a guaranteed
新开博彩平台,贸易机会像波浪式的来。 你能感觉它。
当你起来物色买家商家的时候,你会看到波浪的过来。 是的,

When the price goes down I get in the game also. This is not a
guaranteed win however but here is what I do. I see that price
start to go down I low ball the buy. I put in my request to buy low.
Knowing that if someone buys chances are I can sell to someone
coming in shortly that wants to buy higher (But still less than

last trade)****. Remember this is not a fluid market. Just
because the
price goes up a bit doesn’t mean the next offer is just a little more
or if the sell goes down the next one is a little bit lower. Yes there
are trends but there are a lot of noobs that don’t know what they
are doing. They just want to be traders and want coins so they just
buy and sell seemingly irradictly. You stick to the plan of
arbitraging as I showed you earlier when people want to buy for
more than the sell and then low balling when it gets lower.
作者看齐价格向下的时候,开端买。 为了买到更低的代币,作者付出命令。

Another major strategy I am employing that is a guaranteed win.
As I stated earlier I see what markets the respective coin is being
traded on. You will notice that many if seemingly not all of the
coins are being traded for different values on different exchanges.

So again a no lose arbitrage. I see coins are being sold higher or
lower on an exchange and here is what I / you will do. You buy the
coins on the cheaper site and then transfer them to the other site
to sell at the higher price. Ingenious! You become the fluidity. You
become the computer that doesn’t care what coin is cool. You
work on numbers. Like a casino does. The casino always wins and
with my strategies so will you at this game.
你在价格低的交易所买入,然后把币转到价格高的交易所卖出。 聪明。
你成为了流动性。 你变成了电脑,不关怀哪个币是冷的。 你在数字下面工作。

One thing also to do once you get into this game heavily. To
transfer coins between exchanges depending on the coin can take
some time. Half hour for example or more.

What I do to make this cleaner is keep coins in the two given
exchanges before I begin trading so that I can do it instantly. Time
is key.
本人要做什么样,才能让在本身交易前币在二个钦命的交易所之间清算。 时间是必不可缺。

I did this big time with Lisk last week. The values were
skyrocketing and I did this all day long. Buy the coin for cheaper
on one exchange and then sell on the other. The price was going
up like crazy so I was also gaining more profit as time went on.
Since that time Dubaicoin have tanked in value. So I
am out of that coin. I ride em and get out.
价格涨得疯狂,所以自个儿的入账颇丰。 自那之后,北京币价格波动相当的小。
因而,笔者没有交易格外币。 小编离开了。

What I do every night as I do try and sleep just a little bit. At the
end of the night I sell my coins for bitcoin. I find it has less
fluctuation many times then the “alt” coins have and 1 bitcoin is
always worth 1 bitcoin. I send whatever bitcoin profit I want for
the given day to coinbase (or whatever exchange that converts to
currency) and then send it to my bank. The next day I start again
converting my bitcoin to another alt coin and go at it. I have made
thousands at this. You can too as there is a ton of room since you
can’t get ever transaction. They are happening every second.
There is room for everyone right now.
每一日自身都会睡一小会儿。 在每一天甘休的时候,小编都会把代币兑换到比特币。
作者数千次的开始展览如此的交易。你也能够这么做。 那在每一秒都会生出。

With the strategies I listed you should be ready to get start making big
money in the game 🙂

Section 2-

Automated trading software that works

I’m going to be completely honest with you. Most trading software is
bullshit. It simply does not work. Trust me- I have tried them all at
point and with most trading bots the only peope who are making money are
the developers who created the bot.
自身将完全对你敞快意扉。 超越61%的交易软件是狗屎。 它们就向来不可能用。

Now I am now going to reveal to you the best cryptocurrency trading
software on the market!

This software really is a golden ticket! Once you master it you can sit
back, relax and watch the cash roll in!

It sounds too good to be true right? Wrong! it works guys no bullshit-
prepare to be amazed!
那听起来太好了,不会是真的吗? 错! 它确实能做事—准备惊叹吧!

The software I’m reffering to is Haasonline Software and it can be
purchased at-

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out some of these reviews-

coindesk review-
rated 4.5/5 stars
Coindesk 的评论

cryptomining blog review-

quote- “this automated trading solution seems to be one of the most
advanced one out there and at the same time still being
relatively easy for people that are not experienced traders.”


Quote- “We believe that haasbot, in the right hands, with the correct
trade settings, market conditions permitting, is the ultimate bitcoin
trading bot.”

Heres a couple of videos to familiarize yourself with the software-



Don’t get me wrong guys, you do have to put in a little work here. You
need to get used to the software and learn the basics of cryptocurrency
And you need to get your mental game in order. Be calm and calculated
and don’t ever be scared.
急需您做一些作业。 你须要使用软件和骨干的数字货币交易基础。
你要让您的激情游戏进行。 冷静和测算,不要惧怕。

Practice makes perfect so keep practicing. It won’t take you long to
相当熟练,所以你要持续演练。 那不会花太多的时间,就会左右它。

It’s a very small price to pay for the outcome. Once you master the
strategies I explained and familiarize yourself with the software the
sky really is your
limit in terms of earning potential.

And the best thing (for me anyway) is that it’s all competely legal! No
more looking over your shoulder and waiting for that knock on the
最佳的少数正是,那完全合法的。 不必担心有人敲你的门。

Take the plunge and this will change your life guys. It did for me.
投入进去,那会转移你的活着。 这一句改变了自作者

Enjoy 😉

壹 、教程中提到的软件

4 . coindesk review-
rated 4.5/5 stars 交易系统的评测haahbot